8 – How do I create a personalized feed?

I created a Views to display messages from the Message module. I want to create an RSS feed, but the display proposed by the Views module doesn’t manage images and doesn’t allow the fields to be grouped together.

How do I create a personalized RSS feed?

The template for the RSS display mode I created is the following.


  <title>{{ drupal_token('message:field_node_reference:entity:title', {message: message}) }}</title>
  <link>{{ drupal_token('message:field_node_reference:entity:url', {message: message}) }}</link>
  <description>{{ drupal_token('message:field_node_reference:entity:content-type', {message: message}) }}</description>
  <pubDate>{{ drupal_token('message:created:since', {message: message}) }}</pubDate>
  <dc:creator>{{ drupal_token('message:author:display-name', {message: message}) }}</dc:creator>
  <enclosure url="{{ drupal_token('message:rss-node-render', {message: message}) }}" length="3180" type="image/jpeg"/>
  <guid isPermaLink="true">{{ drupal_token('message:url:absolute', {message: message}) }}</guid>

I want to use my view because it will have context filters. I have to rewrite it entirely.