8 – How to place a block of facets in the header of the views page? (not regions)

I have created a search with the API module search and module Facets. I've added two taxonomy name fields to my search index and created two facets for these fields. Just for testing, I've placed the facet blocks in my main content area, and full-text search and facet filtering work as expected.

Now, I want to place the facet blocks in the header of the view, and not in a page region. I've checked the source file of the block and the ID of the facet blocks is facet_block. The faceted blocks being derived blocks, my best guess was that the block ID should be facet_block: MACHINE_NAME_OF_FACET.

I added a Global: Entity returned - Block at the front of the view. As a block ID, I entered the schema above, for example. facet_block: museum for my facet "museum".

However, the facet block does not appear in the header of the views. (The same facets placed via the block layout still work correctly.)

Can any one tell me how to make faceted blocks? in a view header?