8 – Is the path_alias table queried for all URLs?

I'm trying to generate SEO-optimized URLs for a set of exposed filters. For example:

/analyst-relations/firm?related_firm=5072 would look like


I imagined doing this by adding / updating / deleting this path programmatically to the path_alias table when creating / modifying / deleting the term or the relevant entity. However, I seem to have misunderstood how path_alias works. I managed to add the path /analyst-relations/firm?related_firm=5072 and alias /analyst-relations/firm/forrester, but the exposed filter links always load like the first ones. Is the path_alias table not queried for all URLs? If not, is it possible to somehow “link” this path and this alias to an entity?

I use better exposed filters to expose the filters as links, so afaik there is no form submission