8 – Output paragraph values ​​instead of paragraph IDs in a View REST export?

I have a view with a REST export display (attached image) that contains indexed field values ​​from the search API.

The highlighted part, authors, is a Paragraph field. Instead of the entity ID pointing to the paragraph, how can I generate a JSON object by delta with the value of the field?

Note that I do not use JSON: API (and can not). In addition, there is an index based on the database of the research API (and possibly Solr). Therefore, the "Entity" mode can not be used (and therefore, no custom setter).

What can I hook or what class can I create to change how the paragraph is included in the result? I was thinking of using a custom field formatter, but it seems like a lot of work to just pull out JSON data (classes, theme hooks, twig, etc.).

Example of exit