8 – Webform 5.1: How to conditionally change the value of a field according to the value chosen in another?

It was so easy with webform 4.x. However, I can not find it in webform 5.x.

I create a form using webform 5.1 and I have to set the fee value for a particular note for an instrument using conditional values ​​(see the attached screen capture for webform 4.x). Thus, a person chooses the instrument, the note in which it should stand for examination, and then chooses whether there is a performance review (practice) or Meme it of a note examination (theoretical). The value of the fees for the examination is chosen by program in a list of choices in the field "Fees", with the help of conditions.

screenshot of conditions in webform 4.x

Now, all my life, I can not find a way to do the same thing using the latest version of the drupal 8 module. Have the developers of webform changed things so that it is now impossible to to do in version 5 or is there a way that I am not aware of?

Any help is greatly appreciated …