8 – Workflow problem completely confused

One of my developers, who has been working with Drupal since it started several months ago, recently encountered a problem with the compose composer command that failed with the following error:

screen capture

After several days of troubleshooting, we still have not solved this problem on the laptop.

The fact is that his computer is the only one to display this problem. The same commit on other computers (including one with the same operating system and one with another) works perfectly, as they have been doing for months.

The developer is one of those who have already worked on the site. As with all our new sites, we include composer.lock files in our repositories. The old Drupal 8 sites, which started their development without Composer, have since been updated to work with Composer.

The problem seemed to be on the computer in general because other projects are now causing the same mistake. After days of debugging and final testing of XAMMP and MAMP (other problems still running), we still had the same problem on this machine (the same repository worked perfectly on other PCs).

So we erased the computer and started from scratch (Macos Mojave), installed new versions of MySQL, PHP, Apache and still the same problem.

Like many other developers who made the transition "out of the island", I had difficulties with the composer at first, but I have learned a lot since then and I've had a lot of trouble. have improved my team's workflow to avoid these issues.

This problem does not seem to be solved in a conventional way: we tried to update the composer, clear the composer cache, repair the AMP stack versions to avoid problems.

Googling gives a lot I do not understand Composer, help me connections. I have not seen anything like it anywhere.

We need help to go beyond that. Bearing in mind that two of the three members of my team can function properly, this is the case of a single developer who has this problem, and recently (the workflows we have in place have worked well for months and months, so I can not consider needing to make radical changes to this).

I also understand that the installation of Docker or any other VM-like solution is designed to avoid such problems, but we are not ready to make this transition now for various reasons.