A brand new look for mC | Promotion Forum

To date, my forum now has a new look, in the form of the "Minimal" skin used. This is not something quite new, as it previously existed on the forum and also in its predecessor (Lightweb by the way), but now with the return of an esteemed member who has everything from First created the skin and made it even better, it's now become our default theme used and looks much more modern than the last one (because while Alpha Plus was cool and all it is very I have to admit I'm old) and, much more unique than everyone else, it seems like someone is on a Xenforo forum rather than a Jcink forum. :laughing:

You can see the latest developments from this post here :) I should note that by default, it is set to the "Light" variant, but we can always go to "Dark" in one click, for those who prefer to see things this way.

Hopefully this will attract more visitors and members of this exciting new change. I hope you all like, as much as me and the others :RE