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What is RegalCoin?

Regal Coin is a cryptocurrency introduced on the Internet in August 2017. The OIC token has started on August 22nd and is expected to last until September 22nd. It is strictly a digital currency designed to work like any other currency. You can use it as a store of value or to transfer value, for example.

There is a total bid of 27 million Royal Coins (REC).

How does RegalCoin work?

Regal Coin uses the Dashcoin X11 algorithm (the same algorithm used by DASH).

The currency also has a type of loan mechanism mentioned on the official website. (up 45% per month)
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Buy REC: https://www.coinexchange.io/market/REC/BTC?r=93c3e8d8

RegalCoin's Multilevel Marketing Program

Regal Coin has a three-tier marketing program. If you recommend to someone to buy Regal coins, then that one returns someone, you will earn money from the following three levels:

Level 1: 7% earnings
Level 2: 2% earnings
Level 3: 1% of earnings
There is also a kind of binary income system in which you earn commissions on both sides of your pyramid. You can earn bonuses of up to $ 21,000 per week. The Regal Coin website mentions the possibility of earning up to $ 100,000 from your "Sales Rights" and "Left Sales" lines.