A random video chat site with 5 varieties of video chat

Is it worth building something? Why not read someone else 's blog than yours? Why not use this forum instead of this one? ETC ETC ETC

Your answer is really useless, that's how you receive 24,000 messages or more, you must have a boring life!

I will tell you something you do not know about me. I had the very first chat site before the arrival of Hangouts which was an exact copy of my own site. Google has downgraded and I have fought for compensation since. READ THE PDF HERE https://www.dropbox.com/s/7k49z847jhx6o5y/google.pdf?dl=0

And why use my site? It is obvious that you only publish to get more messages and you do not even bother to read the sites you want to see. Have you bothered? NO you did not do it because if you bother to visit my site …

1. The analyzes would have shown a person visiting more than the homepage, what she did not do.
2. You would have read the About page here https://randomvideochat.org/about-random-video-chat/ to understand why I bothered to create this site.

Now, please, do not bother to answer any of my posts because your answer is actually no help and I have an absolute time (zero hour) for people who just post for shit in order to get even bigger status.