Ability to duplicate content and other issues when changing CMS


I wonder if any of you could help us with our situation. Unfortunately, to date, our company does not have an expert in internal SEO, because we had a lot of difficulty with them and the management decided to take care of it. I decided to reach out hoping that some of you could provide something meaningful. You are our last hope :)

We now have a knowledge base about our product with over 140 items. We used the ZenDesk system to manage it. And we have the intention to create a new knowledge base based on WordPress and to transfer all the content there. We made this decision because we were not satisfied with the level of SEO that ZD was able to provide us. Whereas, WP is a much more powerful tool in terms of SEO. It contains the Yoast plug-in and other proven elements around the world.

And our biggest concern right now is how to replace the old knowledge base with this group of articles, including a new one, which is on WordPress … The biggest risk is the possibility of seeing our new or old knowledge base penalized by Google due to duplicate content problem. We assume that we should probably keep only one version of the site to avoid this situation … But the situation requires more action, probably, that is why I ask you.

We tried to develop some sort of plan and gather knowledge on the Internet. For the most part, they recommend using a canonical tag for new content and noindex nofollow tags for old content in order to remove it from the track. But the situation remains pretty foggy for us. What should we do first? How to manage the old content? What problems should we expect and be ready to tackle?

We really want to know what you think about it and we would be grateful for every word you post.


Sincerely, Vadim V.