about zero confirm. IT’s been 3months

first of all. my English is not good. Please excuses. but there is no information that i can find in my language
so i ask here.

okay my wallet is bither in Galaxy 10

and I sent 1.233239 BTC from Local bitcoin website wallet to my phone bither wallet

and I sent 0.5 BTC from bither to Mycelium wallet in same phone.

and there was no problem that was 16th Jan 2021

but and then 23th Jan

I sent 0.04754 from bither to other person. but it’s zero confirm

so I waited two more days and I sent 0.1 and 0.5

to the same bither my wallet other address for test but also zero confirm

I mixed up a little only in the same wallet

till now no confirm .. so I check on bitcoin https://www.blockchain.com/

and there is 0.731 . I dont know how to find my coin can you help?

I will sent you some coin if I find my coin back

thank you
enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here