Abyss.to – Video Hosting Service | Simple & Stable | NewProxyLists

What is this?
This is our video hosting project, we work everyday for build this project.
It online since 3 year ago, as private beta in my country. Now, we glad introduce to global webmaster – Abyss.to

Is it stable?
When i write this post, our system uptime is 100% in last month. And >99.98% in 3 month ago.
Sometime down for update code (less than 1 min).

Can i trust this service?
No, don’t trust anything. But, we will try online atleast 3 year more.

Unlimited storage
Never delete inactive files. That real.

Unlimited bandwidth
Our cluster system can handle >10k realtime online per single video.

Can I upload adult or porn videos?
As long as they are legal. (Reject child porn), and allowed by your local law, then feel free to upload them.

Bulk upload.
Direct Upload.
Remote Upload.
Simple API.

Demo video – site: Goto abyss.to > click Demo
Demo video – embed code: codepen.io/abyssto/pen/RwGepdz