ACCESS 2003 and MySQL – related table issues


I have an application developed via MS-ACCESS 2003.

I migrated the data (ACCESS tables) to a MySQL 5.7.25.

Then I linked the MySQL tables to ACCESS.

Most data works correctly (displaying table contents and accessing data via forms).

I have a problem with 2 table:

1. The table contains the list of activities (5 fields per record): up to 210 records, everything works fine. After adding the registration number 211, there is a problem:
when opening the table in ACCESS in display mode, the message "ODBC – call failed" was displayed and only 86 records are displayed. All fields contain "#Name?". value.

But, when accessing the table data from the forms, the data is correct.

2. The table contains the list of people information (name, address, etc.): In the case of a few records in this table, everything works correctly. But when you use the complete data (197 records), there is a problem:
In display mode in ACCESS, I can see all the data correctly. But I can not access the data in my forms. The table and fields are not recognized in the code.

I hope you can help me with these problems. THANK YOU!