Access to public key Laravel Forge refused

I'm trying to ssh in my application from the command line, but I have a problem with the ssh public key.

1st => I've tried using PUTTTY to generate keys and save them with the appropriate name and extension that seem to work well

2nd => I launched this command ~ / .ssh / copy the key and place it in the ssh key option on the laravel forge dashboard

3rd => I ran ssh forge @ my_id_address and he sounded an alarm saying access to the public key refused

So I found this site Click here and follow the steps using the Git Bash command line to generate keys

The command ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "" which worked to generate keys but I could not create a passphrase ??

Then I pasted the public key into the dashboard of the laravel smithy

And then I used ssh forge @ my-ip-address -i ~ / .ssh / your-key as suggested and at the next alarm

Load key "/c/Users/username/.ssh/": invalid format
forge @ my_ip_address: permission denied (publickey).

I saw this as a common problem, I suppose, but no luck with the suggested corrections, any help would be greatly appreciated !!!