accessibility – Assistance to an elderly air passenger without income

Should additional help be given to host agents and other airline employees for a non-paying passenger over the age of 80 who is hard of hearing?

The 80-year-old would be traveling alone and wondering if it would be better for her to pay the full fare or save considerable money by booking as a parent of a back office airline employee. another airline. She has flown several times, the most recent just a year ago, but never on standby.

I've been unable to find anything on this subject after hours of research, although I've found this worrying tip: "Make sure you sit by the door and do not worry about it. listen to your name.If you do not approach the podium quickly, the door officer will call the next spare passenger on the list. "(Source) She probably would not hear of the announcement but she would need someone to pat him personally on the shoulder.

The training material on the use of the reserve allowance speaks a lot about the employee, the latter being the only point of contact and respect for the person in his charge, which implies that we should not weigh them down because they are busy doing their job for paying passengers, I agree with that, but that does not say how much I would rely on the kind of assistance they would normally provide to an elderly passenger who pays.