accessibility – Should I clear the selection by clicking on the icon again or creating an "erase button"?

I have a user interface in which I collect user feedback with the help of two simple icons that lie beneath the rated thing. (US users only, so do not be afraid that all countries are shocking.)


  • At launch, the thumbs in the air and thumbs down are not selected and are gray.
  • When a user selects thumbs up, the icon turns green.
  • When a user selects the thumb down, the icon turns red.
  • Feedback is not required (that is, the user can go to the next screen without giving an evaluation).

My question is: What is the best practice for deleting selected content excluding each other? Do I have to allow the user to delete the selected content by:

  • Click again on a selected icon to erase the color?
  • Surface with a dedicated "Delete" button?
  • Both?
  • Something else?

Also looking to provide accessibility here, which I am not an expert. Thank you in advance.