active directory – 2x Windows Server for 2 labs in different parts of a building – what kind of failover to use

I have two servers and two labs in different parts of the building with Hyper-V 2019 with VMs for Windows Server Standard (2012 R2, will be upgrading in a few years). I want to:

  • configure ServerA for Lab1 and ServerB for Lab2 (I don’t need help with this part)
  • set the other server (A for 2 and B for 1) to be a failover in case of any problems
  • sync the data user data – it may happen at night (the teachers and students will usually work in only one lab at any particular day)

I don’t have much experience with multiple servers. What would be the best method to do it?

  • a cluster?
  • two different DC’s pointing at each other?
  • something different?