adb – Can not reach fastboot from recovery mode

Beforehand: Sorry to have asked. I was sure it was not duplicate.

I made a soft brick. The story: used Kingoroot or something similar, so was too hurried "yes, please, destroy my rooted device via a firmware update!"button.

Now I have arrived at this exact situation:

  • I get an output in the linux console fastboot devices when starting fastboot (it's WT98360 fastboot)
  • I can reach the recovery mode
  • I get the right answer when testing root in recmode

What I think is true:

  • I have downloaded the right firmware for my Huawei y360-u61 (shit but I can not afford a better one)
  • When I put this file without further processing on an SD card and run in recmode mode, I should be able to choose "apply the update from an external SD card"and retrieve my phone — But unfortunately it does not work. He rather aborts the installation saying "canceled installation".
  • When I chooseapply the ADB update"I should be able to adb sideload the file I downloaded without having to perform other operations on this file and recover my phone. — But unfortunately, the phone is not recognized in this case. The only thing I know is that fastboot devices do not give me anything when I choose "apply the ADB updateIt's the only thing because I do not know anything about advertising magic.
  • I should not be able to load the phone laterally just by starting fastboot, because before the crash, I did not allow what I needed in that case, that is to say. OEM unlock and developers mode. — Indeed start on fastboot (where the phone is found by fastboot from the linux shell) and adb sideloadthe file gives me error: no device / emulators found.

My hello guessed: update the boot loader / "open it" for side loading. I am here to ask if this is correct and if so, how do we do it. And of course, I want to know if my assumptions are correct or not.

And for the sake of God: how can I turn off the device when it is in fastboot or recmode mode?