adb – PIN locked Pixel with broken screen and USB debugging OFF, OTG keyboard doesn’t unlock it

I got a Google Pixel 1 with a smashed dead black screen locked by a known PIN that I would like to recover some photos from. Nothing vital but now it has become a personal crusade to do it!

The good news are:

  • it shows as MTP device on win/linux
  • vibrates if I try to unlock it via fingerprint (as it requires PIN, so no can do)
  • if I connect a keyboard/mouse via OTG they do light up
  • in recovery mode it shows in ADB and I’m even able to put it into sideload mode

The bad news:

  • can’t see sh1t (BTW Pixel 1 doesn’t support USB-C -> HDMI)
  • USB debugging is OFF
  • if I enter my PIN via OTG+keyboard then plug it back to the PC, it stills shows as MTP and no files can be browsed (I would assumes it remains locked)

I’m pretty close to burn another 20 bucks and get a second spare screen but before I do that, any ideas?
From what I read, my greatest achievement so far which was to get it in sideload blindly is useless and every 3rd party tool seems to require USB debugging ON.