adb shell busybox netstat – Ethiopia Android Pile Exchange

I'm trying to look at the marked processes to each individual TCP connection using busybox netstat -p as shown in their documentation. However, after rooting and checking my root with RootChecker, it looks like I have root access and SU access; but unable to run adb shell busybox netstat and it shows the error

Running the netstat busybox command

From the android terminal

I use NoxPlayer, running Android version 4.4.2. This shows an image of my attempt to do the same thing in the terminal emulator itself.


And that shows an image of rootChecker verifying that I have rooted the phone well.

I came across some articles saying that / proc / net is a symbolic link; thus providing only a "shortcut" to the file path and not to the actual file; thus, the netstat command could not be executed?

I hope to have some help to solve this problem.