adb – Would it be theoretically possible to make a backup at the block of / dev / media without root?

I have nothing against root except eFUSE. Who ever had the idea of ​​eFUSE? . .

For all I know:
Due to amateur users and ignorant minimalists who do not know how to use the tools intended for experienced users, the TWRP development team has decided controversially that their NANDROID backup does not include / data / media.

More information and sources in these comments:
1. Best practice for backup / data / media?
2. Best practices for backup / data / media?

What I want is an image backup at the block level of the entire phone, so that I can go back to the exact location later.

I want this backup at the block level to include the / data / media partition.

Now, I discovered that it was possible via ADB, but it requires root. If there is really no other way, I would consider the risk of rooting the phone after using any other possible backup method (backup adb app, file backup, etc. .).

But my question is:

Is it technically possible to make a block-level backup (dd) of the partition / data / media without root?

Had the TWRP development team decided to include / data / media, enjoyable and maximalistic power users instead of minimalists and amateurs, would it be Actually were possible without root?