add html edit button to quill in angular

I would like to make a custom toolbar for my quill editor. Therefore I would like to add another button to the toolbar. I have tried several methods but it doesn’t work. Please help me with an idea.

What i have in component.html:

 <quill-editor (styles)="{height: '200px'}" (modules)="editorModules" (onEditorChanged) = "changedEditor($event)"></quill-editor>

And here is what i have in component.ts:


      editorModules = {
        toolbar: (
          ('bold', 'italic', 'underline'), 

          ({align:''}, {align:'center'}, {align:'right'}, {align: 'justify'}),
          ({'indent': '-1'},{'indent': '+1'} ), 

          ({'size' : ('small', false, 'large', 'huge')}),

          ({'list': 'bullet'}, {'list': 'ordered'}), 

changedEditor(event: EditorChangeContent | EditorChangeSelection) {
    console.log('editor got changed'); 
    this.editorText = event('editor')('root');

Here is a photo of my current Text Editor:

Text Editor

I would very much appreciate if you would try to help me, thank you.