Address Verification and Modal Dialog in Multiple Steps

We design an interface in which the user navigates to a page where they are presented with a grid of existing business profile data (for example, name, address, website, etc.).

When the user wants to add a new business, he / she clicks on an icon and is presented with a modal dialog form. After completing the company profile and clicking "Save", we want to check the address (that is, call a service to return a potentially more accurate address than the one entered by user). The user would then be faced with three choices:

  1. Keep the address that he has input.
  2. Choose the address that the address verification service returned.
  3. Enter a new address.

According to this article which appeared in a similar thread, it is best to avoid modal dialogues at several stages.

Our constraints:

  • The modal dialog should be used to add the company profile.
  • Predictive address research is not an option. The user must fill in the traditional address fields and submit them.

Our proposed solution (ignoring the recommendation of the article) is to set up a modal dialogue in two stages. At the end of the first step, the user would be taken to the second step where only the verification of the address is presented.

Are there "better" design alternatives in this situation?

Thank you.