administration – If we have a backup for all 2013 sharepoint databases, we can / how we restore a corrupted application server

One of our customers was using a SharePoint 2013 enterprise server farm, with the following architecture: –

  1. Windows 2008 R2 that contains the 2013 farm on SharePoint site.

  2. Windows 2008 R2 that contains Sql Server.

Our client backed up the SharePoint databases daily, while the SharePoint application server was not backed up or even tracked. and the application server was damaged and could not restore it. So now, our customers have a full backup of all SharePoint databases, including; content database, managed metadata databases, configuration database, and so on.

But to my knowledge, to be able to integrate a new SharePoint farm with existing databases, the server farm must belong to the same build number of the farm + have the same share point fixes installed as the source farm. .. but these concern our customers The information (version number of the battery + patches involved) is not available.

I therefore have these 2 questions: –

  1. Is there a way, from database backups, to create a new farm that runs on these databases?

  2. Now our customers have a valid license for SharePoint and the Windows server. Can we open a ticket with Microsoft about this? and will Microsoft cover such scenarios? Where should we build a new SharePoint farm that runs on existing databases?