administration – Test SharePoint online / onsite using SharePoint mobile app simulators

We have many collections of SharePoint sites and online SharePoint and I want to test them with the help of the mobile application SharePoint, mainly for the following platforms: –

  1. iPhone
  2. Android
  3. the Windows

Now my computer is Windows 7 and I have a virtual machine that have Windows 10. Can I install simulators for the sharepoint application in my windows 7 and 10? otherwise, it will be difficult to have 3 phones (iPhone, Android and Windows) + for sites on site, we will have to configure VPN access on these phones. since everything is already configured in my PC (Windows 7/10), so I do not know if I can use simulators for the mobile application SharePoint in my Windows PC? I need to test what the access to lists / libraries of sharing points, and our customization on these lists and libraries will look like. I do not need to test access to SharePoint with the help of mobile browsers, I'm talking about testing SharePoint with the help of mobile apps.
Thank you