Adult Tube Websites + Amazon Dropship + SEO Optimization + Huge Potential

Born from a team of SEO professionals and programmers, the website contains over 120 pre-paid adult videos, Exoclick ads, Dropship Store and Responsive Design. Earn extra money easily.

1. Organic seller
We are a professional team of developers, designers and SEO experts specializing in adult websites with high potential and high scalability.
We create and sell WordPress and Apps Focus to earn even more money.

2. Summary and highlights
The adult industry has an estimated value of $ 97 billion worldwide. This is the best time to invest and you can also generate a significant passive income. The website is set with a very popular niche, but you can set what you want to increase your income.
– Adult Tube website with +120 preloaded videos.
– WordPress 4.9.8.
– Premium wp-script plugin with Sthetic Tube theme.
– Other plugins such as WP-Optimize, Smush, Performance and Cache preconfigured.
– The Woocommerce platform connects to Amazon.
– Ultimate Hot Toys Dropshipping
– Smart layout tip Exoclick Ads.
– Blockers advertising blockers.
– Mobile fully responsive.
– DMCA page.
– Facebook fan page.
– Crazy potential and scalability. Big Niche!

4. Operations
Just once a week:

  1. Marketing – is completed via Facebook (1-2 hours per week).
  2. The processing of the order is completed automatically (0 hours per week).
  3. Download videos – the WP-Script theme makes the job more difficult. All you have to do is select videos from other popular websites and paste the embed code, time and profile picture. Later, copy and paste the SEO-optimized text from other videos on the page, edit the title and keywords for the new title of the video, and then publish! (2-3 hours a week).

5. Customers
Most of our clients are between 21 and 45 years old.
All the men and women of the world

6. Notes of the seller
We are really proud of this and believe, like many other investors around the world, the potential income of Pages pour adultes.
Do not hesitate to get in touch for your questions and we will teach you how to use this page!