Affect on DigitalPoint's new European Copyright Directive

Nothing will change for this purpose. The directive concerns "online content sharing services". This website is not a content sharing service. In fact, it's more of a market than a content-sharing site.

More focused on things like YouTube where people share content / media.

If this ever changes and we become responsible for the things that users write, we will not block users, but put them in read-only mode (so they can not write anything).

We have no server in Europe, no physical presence, no employee residing in any European country. Countries can not simply invent laws and apply them to entities outside their jurisdiction. If that were the case, it would be illegal for women to drive anywhere in the world if a country makes it a law.

We are governed by US laws.

No supplier or user of an interactive computer service will be considered the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another provider of information content.

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It's just tricky for the big companies present in these countries.