After resetting the iPhone, photos are not accessible via a cable connection

I have a 16GB iPhone 6 and, as most of you may have found, after a certain point in his life, this space is saturated in a few weeks or months . Previously, I connected it to my PC, I moved my photos to my hard drive and freed up space.

Gradually, the phone began to fill with junk and I did not even have enough room for photos. The only solution I found was to reset my phone. I did it and everything was fine, but now my photos start filling my phone. But for some reason, after resetting, I can not see my photo files. I see the iPhone on My Computer, I can open its internal storage memory, which indicates the actual use, but I do not have access to the folders inside.

I tried to reset the privacy settings, but that did not change anything. I also allow access whenever I connect the phone for any reason.

Other than that, that's what I see when I open the phone's memory:

Storage appears

No folder