air transport – Can I cancel a flight reservation after a minor change?

I booked a flight from my current place of residence to Beijing and back, but I found a new job and I will move (oddly enough, in the city where the flight has a stopover). Normally, I realize that the flight change (even the cancellation of the first segment) would result in a change fee. That being said, the last time I looked at the booking, I saw this at the top of the webpage:

Please note that the airline has canceled one or more of your selected flights. Please change your reservation or contact your travel agent for more information. (9115)
A change of schedule took place during this trip. Please contact our call center if you wish to modify or cancel this booking. (15069)

In view of the reservation, it appears that one of the stages of the flight was modified so that instead of being operated by a regional carrier (Horizon Air, in this case), it will be directly operated by Alaska Airlines. All the details of the flight (plane, departure, arrival, etc.) seem to have remained the same.

Can I use this as a reason to cancel the reservation free of charge?