air transport – TSA testing of pets

I will soon fly two cats in the United States in carry-on baggage. I just googled the TSA procedure for this and I found this TSA missive that indicates (in part) during the selection process

  • All domestic animals must be brought to the security checkpoint in a hand-carried carrier. Remove the animal from the carrier just before the start of the filtering process.

  • Do not place the animal in the X-ray tunnel that serves to control the belongings and hand luggage of a passenger. Place the void
    travel carrier on the belt to be X-rayed.

  • The animal must be transported during the screening process; alternatively, a pet can follow the process if the owner has the animal

  • A TSA officer will hand over to the owner of the animal an explosive trace stamp to ensure that there are no explosive residues left on the hands.

  • Once the control process is complete, the owners must bring the animal back to the carrier in the resting area, away from the
    security checkpoint for the safety of the animal, as well as others
    The passengers.

Cats have sharp teeth and claws and are ready to use them when they are scared and do not want to be held. Pulling a cat out of its nest in a noisy, confusing and unknown place is likely to scare cats (and thus to start their teeth and claws before acting). So for me, this selection process seems to be a recipe for disaster.

So, is this TSA procedure the current standard they are working on? Or is there an alternative process that would keep my cats inside their wearer during screening?