air travel – Air Pass to visit the Pacific Islands

I am interested in visiting some of the Pacific Islands, although at the moment I do not have a specific plan for this. I would like to look at how to get there and in particular the island hopping passes available.

I have discovered some airlines that offer such passes, but these are usually limited to their own network (specific to a country), such as Air Caledonia or Air Tahiti Nui.

However, what seems more appealing is the Discover South Pacific Pass I found on the Web – not on an airline or travel agent's website. He mentioned some codes and booking with a travel agent – it should not be in Oceania and I'm currently in Oceania – but now, what should I do with that? I've searched the web to find out if an online travel agent would sell it. As few websites mention this pass, I have no idea of ​​the reliability of this pass.

Is it likely that only "travel agencies" can sell this pass? Does anyone know if I could get this from an online travel agent?