Air Travel – Forced Change of Flight Schedule by American Airlines

I bought an international flight via an online travel agent. Recently, I received an email from the agent telling him that the flight schedule had been changed by the airline. There was a button I had to click to confirm the change. I did not do that.

The new flight schedule requires me to make a night stopover (and the new trip starts one day before the old one). A few days ago, I sent an email to the agent asking him if it was possible to get some sort of compensation, possibly in the form of a voucher for hotel reservation. I did not receive any answer.

1) Should I send an e-mail to the airline with the same request?

2) Assuming that the modified flight is ORD-DFW-LAX-SYD (this was ORD-LAX-SYD), it is acceptable to request that the ORD-DFW-LAX segment be replaced by X-LAX (possibly with stopovers), where does XY have another airport that would suit me better than ORD?

I guess I can get a full refund (I had a similar situation in the past, and the agency I booked with (not the one I mentioned above) offered me one), but I do not want it, it was a very good deal, even though I have to pay for the hotel during the night.