air travel – How can Ryanair re-book onto another without an interlining agreement?

Background: per Article 8 of EC261, if a flight is cancelled, one must be offered the choice between reimbursement and re-routing. If opting for re-routing, there’s nothing waiving that obligation just because the only alternatives reasonably close in time are on different airlines. However, airlines will routinely try to weasel their way out of this. Most recently, Eurowings barely re-booked me onto Austrian+Lufthansa when I wrote in the very first e-mail a) that the re-routing obligation applies regardless of any force majeure; b) that I thus ask them to have enough decency not to pull the COVID-19 card; c) that I will drag them to court if needed.

The matter at hand: just had Ryanair cancel all of my 3 booked flights with no Ryanair alternative within +-2 days for any of the routes.

  • For segment 1, there’s a British Airways nonstop flight.
  • For segment 2 there are nonstop flights by British Airways and Easyjet
  • For segment 3 there are 1-stop itineraries with Air France and KLM, amongst others

Was just informed in chat (saved the log) that “it’s technically impossible” for them to re-route me on other airlines.

Now, I wonder: how does an airline, in this case Ryanair, go about re-booking onto another if there’s no interlining agreement? Since the law doesn’t exempt them from that, I’m sure they’ve dealt with that scenario before. Would be good to know so I can point it out to them if they try pulling that card again.

I’ve emailed the British CAA as well; gonna be interesting to see what they say.