air travel – Will I need to register my arrival in Germany when airside transiting through the UK?

In about one month, I will move from my current place of residence back to Germany, my country of citizenship. My flight includes a stopover at London Heathrow airport (I will change planes).

Currently, the country I live in has not been declared a high-risk area by the RKI. Thus, if I were to take a direct flight from here to Germany, I would not need to fill in the digital entry registration. The UK on the other hand – especially England, especially London – is classified as a high-risk area. The landing page of the web form states:

You are not required to complete digital registration on entry if one of the following applies:

  • you only passed through a risk area without a stopover,

As the potentially legally more important German version uses a word (Zwischenaufenthalt) that I might consider closer to (overnight) layover rather than stopover, it’s leading me to assume it may not be required to fill in this form as I am only transiting for a couple of hours. On the other hand, one might also interpret this phrase as applying only to cases such as driving through a high-risk area without stopping. This leaves me a little unsure whether I should fill in the form or not.

(I tried going through the form as far as possible without committing – my arrival is still too far in the future – but I’m still unsure.)

As it is impossible for all of us to say what the situation will be in a month’s time: based on today’s information and regulations, would I have to fill in the digital entry registration if I arrive from a non-high-risk area but transit airside in a high-risk area?