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– To earn 5 to 10 dollars in 1 click every day, you take a few minutes to read this article carefully.
-You must have an online account such as perfectmoney, paypal, payeer … to withdraw money offline (how to register online to watch videos)
Register here:
Sign up on paypal here:
Register perfectmoney here:
– You must first register the search on the PTC site to run the software.
– Then install and fill in the ALL1TOOL software information to start
List of running sites compatible with ALL1TOOL software

Many sites now pay you to click on their ads. Because there are too many sites, you click on each site, site, enter capcha after each post … v … v .. so it will be very annoying and takes a lot of time; So, there are people who write automatic software at your disposal, extremely useful, you can manage multiple sites at once, you only enter a few capcha … v..v .. while the car allows you to do something else …
⇨ I will update the site daily, my scam and the evidence daily. Remove fraudulent sites for your tiresome self

All1tool: lightweight software, good memory capcha, smooth operation, easy to use ..

And especially free


1.Link Download Tool and other necessary software

Alltool wants to run Need 2 software: you download 2 other programs, install them first:
+ Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 SP1

+ Net framework 4.0 or higher…s.aspx?id=17718

+ Auto Link 2.113…Z3l4akRtLXhMa1k
(*** The Note tool for the 64-bit window can not be installed on a 32-bit version gained offline)

2. Open a tool
After installing the other two programs, you download All1tool on the link above and unzip it:
Then you run your file as shown below

3. Add a site and an execution tool
After you register a site (sign in to register offline), you choose a new coppy link for the site and paste it into the text box. In the Type box, select or select to detect it. site update I usually check for you, but you must be sure to confirm), enter the username vs password, (do not enter pass 2 offline); Enter the cookie store (some sites will enter capcha each time, select this as a reminder), enter Min Pay in the Min Pay box and click OK.
Note: Do not forget to back up again

Now, launch the tool

You can click to run a site that runs or click All 3 to run all this site and do it on another site until the end.
Hosting All 3, you can adjust the number of managed sites at one time. For example, all3, site B completed on 3 ABC sites running. It automatically stops site B and runs site E, etc.
According to you, you continue to operate 100 sites at once for a considerable speed and loss of time.

⇨ Some sites (most of them are buxhost + some PTC evolution sites) start typing the text you type, then click OK, it is run offline. When the capcha is covered, place the mouse over the green area (top image) to pull the capcha input box.
⇨ If auto is not connected to the website, avoid blockages or k more money.
⇨ Encourage names without numbers. Example Encouraged abcxyz, discourage abcxyz132. The reason the tool will be used to read money, for example, it will be $ 132 with the name abcxyz132 with some sites.
⇨ It is up to you to manage multiple sites at once, as you run all sites at the same time to quickly and easily access certain Captcha sites.
After execution, the result is Ok (0/0), Ok (10/10) ..v..v … just OK, it's OK.

⇨ Other cases such as:
Fake User-Pass: User Name or Wrong Pass: You Log On Offline Web
Wrong script: the site is maintenance, the site is closed … Log in to the browser to see the site. If closed, then Scam, delete this site
Failed to connect: connection error, may be blocked according to. Log back into the browser because some sites do not connect. The browser will be blocked. The site lasts 10 days without the connection being temporarily locked, you just have to unlock it to finish. And site locks permanently delete this site because the site then has anti-auto software.
Internal error: the site is not compatible auto can not work, or may be due to a weak network can not work. You must rerun to check, otherwise delete
Wait too long: as you have not entered the Captcha for this site, you just have to run it again and enter that the Captcha is finished.
The page could not be long: the site has many ads to run long, network late or occur on this site. You have just clicked on the site being executed which is done

Last: amount: current value – Min: minimum value to withdraw money

When: Amount> Min, you can login to the site to remove

4. Runtime tool:
Run the tool several times, depending on your free time.

Morning runs once, afternoon or evening once. If there are conditions, run them 3 times / day, whenever 6 to 8 hours interval is better because the site does not reset the same ads 1