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Description of the program
"ALPHA INTELECT is a strong and professional team of specialists in various fields, we create a unique, comfortable and adapted space, at the center of which is the person who manages all the processes.Our work leads to great perspectives and we strive to To achieve the result:
1. We have monetary assets growing steadily;
2. Through the years of work, we have accumulated experience, knowledge and best practices.
3. They have created their own products and promising ideas that will develop in the future;
4. We think and act globally.


Investment plans

IPB image

2.5% – 3% – 3.5% – 4% daily for 365 days

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Payment Processor
Perfect money

Reflective Committee
3 levels: 5% – 3% – 1%

Minimum deposit
$ 3

Encrypted SSL
Rapid and cooperative support
Protected DDoS
Dedicated hosting
Unique design

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(Investment programs are always risky so do not invest if you can not afford to lose)