altcoin – "Ether" vs. "bitcoin": I wondered when Ethereum does not have a crypto-motto (in a Blockchain workshop by speaker)!

In my opinion, Ethereum has a native coin (cryptocurrency) called "Ether". In contrast, Ethereum allows the user to create crypto-token, like ERC-20, using smart contracts.

From my point of view, the crypto-currency and crypto-token definitions are:

  1. cryptocurrency (coin): It has a price based on fiat / formal currencies as USD. For example: 1 Ether = x USD or 1 BTC (bitcoin) = y USD,
    while we do do not equivalent in USD (or another fiduciary / official currency) for a crypto-token (like the ERC-20)

  2. crypto-token: Some blockchains such as Ethereum allow users to assume functions other than payments using smart contracts by developing themselves arbitrary crypto-tokens (like the ERC-20 in Ethereum).

While, crypto-currencies are used in financial payment transactions, crypto-chips can be used in non-financial and can hold a non-financial value (for example, the amount of energy consumed by a user, etc.)

However, I wondered when Sara Tucci-Piergiovanni (as a blockchain specialist) persisted in a Blockchain workshop:

Ethereum does not have cryptocurrency unlike Bitcoin!

Other people present in the workshop confirmed what she said. They did not agree with my argument as I explained in this question (that Ether is a cryptocurrency and NOT a crypto-token). Due to the persistence of their opinions, I doubted that they might be really right.

I'd like to know if they're right and if the Ethereum blockchain does not have crypto-currency but rather a crypto-token?

Important note: Please note that although we may be able to first define a precise currency definition, then a currency, then answer this question, if Ether is a crypto-currency or a crypto-token. However, if someone believes that Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, he must accept Ether is also a crypto-currency, unless someone thinks that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether are not crypto -devises. In this case, the situation is different. If we think the Ether is not a cryptocurrency, unlike BTC (Bitcoin), but Ether is also a crypto-token, then we'll think Ether is not a "Altcoin".