Am I having trouble?

I recently made a purchase that falls into the category of adults (no, it was not prostitution).

I have been with PayPal for a long time, I still keep a decent balance and I have a PayPal credit that has never had a late payment.

I did not know what I was doing was against the PayPal rules as long as the person did not send the article and I started to googling things to see what to do.

I know that I would easily win my dispute, but in addition to being embarrassed to have to talk to someone else at PayPal, I read that they were closing the accounts of similar sellers for adults, so even though I did not know, I was technically violating the rules too, right?

So if I go to court to get my money back, can PayPal even forbid me to buy this item?

I want to get my money back and I do not like getting ripped off, but I need my PayPal account and I can not risk losing it.

Any help on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!