Am I looking for the impossible?


After more than 10 years, I want to get rid of running my own VPS. I decided that I did not want to spend nights at my computer fighting the lamers and all the crazy stuff that populate the world of web hosting. SSH, updates, vulnerabilities, reboots, downtime … all of this has to stop. I can give up WHM & SSH access and the selection of the operating system. At the moment I'm fine with 4x vCores at 2Ghz each. The average load is less than 1 with peaks up to 2.8. The RAM is 6 GB but 2-3 are enough. Disk space is irrelevant. Here's what I'm looking for:

  • cPanel, PHP 7.2 (requires special libraries such as ionCube, Pear) and MySQL
  • Need to host multiple websites freely
  • Supreme reliability and great performances. I am not hosting a bunch of blogs. There will be primarily one Web site containing many of the WebServices that my clients need to reach when they need them.
  • Prefer services based on the EU
  • Fully managed with dedicated resources and possibly a dedicated IP address
  • Need to increase resources as needed

Am I looking for the impossible? I could be wrong but it seems like two things. Do you want dedicated resources? Buy a VPS that requires me to be the system administrator that I do not want to be. Do you want a fully managed service? Buy shared hosting with best effort resources

Thank you for your help.