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We deliver as much bandwidth as you need. No strangulation. No limits.

Amanah offers IP transit at 1 Yonge Street and 151 Front Street West

Our multi-homed IP transit service provides the best route selection for your Internet destination with built-in redundancy and fault tolerance capabilities, providing operator-level service levels.
With fixed monthly rates, burst mode usage (95th percentile) and volume-based billing structures, you'll find our prices very competitive.


151 Front Street West – Meet Me Room # 1
1 Yonge Street – No matter what place in the building


100 Mbps 100 $ / MRC ($ 100 / NRC)
1 Gbps $ 500 / MRC ($ 500 / NRC)
10 Gbps $ 3000 / RCM ($ 500 / NRC)

Why choose Amanah?

• Time to market – 1 business day for configuration
• No term – MTM
• Multi-Hosted Network (Cogent, GTT & TORIX)
• Cross connection to MMR # 1 included

Availability – SLA guaranteed at 99.99%

We guarantee an SLA availability of 99.99% (four nine) on our network. Our Service Level Agreement promises 99.99% uptime – a guarantee we are proud to offer. If, for any reason, you encounter an unplanned downtime, we will do our utmost to catch up. Upon request, you will be credited with a full day of free service for each hour of offline work, to compensate for the inconvenience to you and your customers.

Four tier 1 redundant networks as primary suppliers

We operate a multi-homed BGP network directly connected to leading global carriers such as GTT, Cogent and TORIX with 99.99% SLA availability.

Amanah means trust

Since 2001, Amanah provides broadband enterprise services to VPN providers, file-sharing networks, streaming media Web sites, and web hosting companies around the world.
world. Our clients include news agencies, online games and other web services in more than 50 countries.

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