Amazon web services – AWS – IP whitelist and path redirection

I am new to AWS and I am currently trying to implement the following.

I have an API server that is in an EC2 instance. I would like to set up a filtering and rerouting mechanism for 2 sets of clients:

  1. Public.
  2. Clients with a specific IP range.

What I want is to allow public access to everyone and to be redirected to / Public when they access my server. While specific customers will be redirected to /specific when they access my server. Public customers will not be allowed to access /specific as it is intended only for specific clients with specific IP addresses, the reverse must however be possible – specific clients must be allowed access to / Public.

I believe that the rerouting part is possible by using target groups + an application load balancer. I've also considered using Nginx, however, I'm not sure where to go from now on.