android 11 – Battery drain while doze, CPU abort wakeups

I’m running Android 11, in a Moto G30.

I’ve noticed battery drains from 100% to 80% from 1am to 9am when I wake up. I decided to get a using ADB and load it in Battery Historian.

Seems like at some point in the night, JobScheduler runs and finishes in a minute, but CPU stays on forever (even on full doze state). Reasons seem to be several Abort:Pending Wakeup Sources related to networking. At these point, battery discharge rate is ~2.5% per hour, whereas “normal” screen-off / doze rate is ~1.5%.

These are some screenshots, and here’s the

enter image description here

Here’s the CPU wakeup sources list,
enter image description here

And here’s a previous time when JobScheduler runs and CPU behaved well,

enter image description here