android – Benefits of using Flutter/Dart in comparison to traditional Java Backend/Front End

my team and I are designing a relatively generic system(copies of this already exist) for a university project, however we are relatively in experienced, and what to focus on delivering a good scalable and extendable solution to our client(note this a project based assignment)

About the app:
Essentially we are building an android app, which has the ability to scan documents and extract text information, so basically a form of OCR, I know things like this exist however that is not the question I am asking.

We have two options,

  1. Design the entire application using Flutter and Dart, essentially writing our back-end in Dart and using Google Firebase for Storage and Authentication, my team has never used Flutter + Dart, thus we may need some time to learn and get used to the libraries. This will also leverage Google Cloud Vision.

  2. Use java, and compile the front end and back end using Android Studio IDE, the front end would utilize XML based layouts, and be connected together using Java code, it will utilize Google cloud Vision for Text Detection, in images, camera would be used to take photos.

Our application will be only aimed at Android users, so cross platform isnt a big issue.

So my question is this, would it be worth learning Flutter+Dart, when Java can essentially build the same application, we feel that learning a new language, and deploying our application in 10 weeks time, and writing suitable documentation would be rather difficult.

Any recommendations.