android – Should we require a user to press on EDIT button before allowing him to move/ delete from list of items (collection view)

Currently, in one of my Android apps, I provide an very obvious way, for user to delete/ move from list of items.

enter image description here

  1. “X” button to delete
  2. “=” button to move

Now, I’m porting such page to iOS app.

When I look at iOS common app, they usually do not provide such obvious way to move/ delete from list of items

Read only

enter image description here

In order to move/ delete from list of items, user need to perform 1 extra step: Tapping on top right EDIT button.

Edit mode after tapping on top right EDIT button

enter image description here

I am more lean toward bring the more “obvious” design to iOS platform. Reason is that

  1. User needs not to perform an extra step (Tap on EDIT button) in order to delete/ move the items
  2. It is not easy to accidentally press “X” or “=” button, as they occupy small space
  3. Such design is proven in Android ecosystem. A large number of users (More than millions) just love this design.

Do you think, should I adopt this design in iOS? Or, I still should provide an EDIT button?