Android: Using Vector Asset Image in Different Versions of Android

J & # 39; uses Vector assets for the first time. For some reason on a cell phone that I have with version 8.1 (API 27) the icons appear correctly (I used stroke gray) and on another cellphone that I have version 6.0.1 (API 23) icons appear in white (to see them I put background blue).
I put it build.gradle, vectorDrawables.useSupportLibrary = true.

Code of one of the vector assets that I use:


As it is in the cellphone of the API 27 (that's how I want it)
insert the description of the image here

As in the mobile phone API 23 (the icons are empty, they are not supplied with the stroke Grey)
insert the description of the image here

Can any one tell me how to make the icons appear on the handset API 23?