android – What is your experience with indexing applications?

I hope this is the right place to ask this question. If no, please let me know what would be a better place to ask that.

First of all, a little context. I am a software engineering student. For a project I'm currently doing, I want to index the content of an application on a website for an application (whose main purpose is to provide information). The ultimate goal is to be able to find the information in the app in Google and open them if the user clicks on the search result (under Android and iOS). I'm also doing research for this project where I want to find the best way to index app content in Google.

Now for the question. As part of this research, I want to learn about the experiences of other companies / organizations in application indexing. So, if you have any experience in indexing applications in a company for which you work (ed), could you please share your experiences? Why did your company decide to implement application indexing? How did you implement the application indexing? Did you encounter problems and how did you solve them? What are / were the results?

Thanks in advance!