Android – Who is responsible for defining algorithms, class and data structures in a Scrum team?

We have developed our application for iOS and Android in native code.

Before using Scrum we had the following development logic:

  1. we define the global requirements of the product (for ios and Android applications)

  2. the iOS developer takes into account some aspects of the implementation and begins to define the data structures, classes, algorithms and starts the implementation

  3. Meanwhile, the Android developer could do the same with other aspects of the implementation that can be clearly separated from the above. In this way, both can work independently and very effectively
  4. Once the ios developer has finished his work, the Android developer translates this into Java (and vice versa) – as much as possible line by line.

In this way, we have produced good quality code quite efficiently for iOS and Android. The translation task is not only extremely fast, but it is also a kind of code quality assurance check.

And of course, the code is very easy to keep since it is basically the same for iOS and Android

Now we start using scrum.

I understand that the product owner defines the product requirements.

  1. Does it also mean that it defines all aspects of the software, such as data structures, classes, algae?
  2. Does Scum support such a development where the iOS and Android code is identical as much as possible?
  3. or is scrum only usable if iOS and Android developers each do their own work with minimal code-level coordination?

We think of a common development platform – but for the moment, I would very much like to have your ideas on the Scrum methodology and how to handle this situation.

thank you so much