Annoying iPhone issue!

I bought an iPhone, new and sealed from Amazon. Today, I encountered a very annoying problem that I cannot seem to amend. Granted, there were a lot of complaints from reviewers regarding their purchases perhaps being refurbished products, but I’m not certain if mine is too since it was in a wrapper, purchased brand new. And it cost me over 200 quid. Certain reviews were favorable as well; I had noticed some glue stuck to the inside of the box, although I still don’t know if it’s just been boxed up again.

Anyway, I installed iTunes, and had to sync my audio files to the device, but then after updating, it completely froze, and the iTunes app displays an error 9 over and over again which has been driving me loopy. I’m not able to turn the iPhone off at all. It either displays the Apple logo, or an error on the screen prompts me to reconnect the iPhone to a computer, and I cannot figure out what to do to sort it out.

The iPhone I have is an iPhone 4. I’m not fond of devices you have to sync data to using apps. On most other phones, you can just connect using a USB charger to the phone via a computer’s port, and drop files onto the phone that way, which is very simple.

I tried looking on YouTube about how to fix the issue, and I’m not seeing any clear answers, but it appears many people have endured the same hassle, to the point they had to go to a technician. Now, with this being a new phone, it seems odd that this is happening. It seems a program has to be bought to restore the thing because iTunes cannot do it for you, no matter how many times you try. Then I found out about RecBoot, but it doesn’t work on my laptop. I’ve even looked at complaints on the Apple support forums where people had similar problems, but none of their suggested solutions worked.

This is meant to be a brand new phone, and I think it’s just awful. Apart from that, it doesn’t recognize MP3 files. A previous phone I owned by Samsung could play these type of files and didn’t put them in hidden folders either like some phones do. The only issue was that these type of phones don’t have a huge storage capacity the way an iPhone does, and 32GB external storage cards won’t mount or be recognized when inserted. So that’s also a big nuisance.