Another topic about Hetzner

Hi everybody.

This thread is to warn / ask for advice.

I already have about 25 servers at Hetzner for 6 or 7 years. Last Friday, one of the servers broke down. After a soft / hard reboot, this did not happen. Right now, I realized that I'm pretty fucked up. As a Hetzner experience, I know that if the server does not start within 20 minutes after a hard reset -> we have a problem. So I asked KVM and made a request to Hetzner's technical support to take a look at the server. They stated that one of the hard drives is broken and replaced by another. I thought, "Thank you Lord, it's not that bad," because of RAID 1, of course. Server started, no. Not coming. Looking in KVM and seeing a lot of messages on files not found … Started in standby mode, mounted drives and Oh my God. ALL data are gone. Imagine how a web host loses root and all other partitions. The server had proper monitoring with matrix and smartctl controls. He did not notice any problems. The hetzner backup space was mounted with CIFS and was also empty. I was fortunate to have backups on 2 other remote servers. So, reinstall the server, restore all backups, configure, and so on. Pause about 4 hours in 2 days (yeah, disaster recovery was not there). Ok, all restored.

Today, the server goes down … And guess what? Jup, exactly the same story.

Hetzner is now trying to tell his customers that this is a software problem and that they can not help us. Well, the Linux server with RAID 1, monitoring the array and smartctl without any warning, the loss of all data is a software problem. Sure. We now have to restore the server again from remote backups. And remote backups are still starting from Friday because remote backups were not yet installed (because, this can not be wrong in a few days …).

I just want to know your opinion and your advice. And of course, warn you once again of the material used by Hetzner.