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What Does Labranda Mean “What Does Labranda Mean?” What is the word meaning of Labranda?

Labranda It takes its name from the double-edged ax labrys, which was used as a war vehicle in ancient times. Labranda Ancient City is located near Kargıcak Village in the North of Milas District of Muğla Province. Labranda Ancient City Sacred Place of Worship of Carians: “Labranda Antique City”, Muğla Labranda Antique City is one of the old settlement squares of the region, 15 km north of Milas district of ‘. Labranda, which gained importance as a Zeus Stratios cult center in the Archaic period, was connected to Mylassa with the Sacred Way paved with smooth cut stones. Especially IV. It developed in the period of Mausolos and his brother Idrieos in the century and was equipped with various structures. In the excavations of the ancient city of Caria, which has survived its bright period thanks to Labranda, they have built many buildings with the remains of the Temple of Zeus, Stoa, Propylaion, Bath, Church and Houses. Since the stoa was destroyed more than once, the north stoa was rebuilt in unknown centuries.

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